Delhi’s Food and Beverage Industry

New Delhi, the capital of India, has one of the biggest and highest grossing food industries in India. There are a great number of restaurants in Delhi, which provide scrumptious food and stellar service. Delhi has a massive tourism industry, which further contributes to the rise of the food and service industry.

India’s food and service market are growing at a huge rate of 10% annually, making it one of the fastest growing in the world. More and more International brands and PEF’s are enthusiastically willing to invest in the Indian F&B industry.

New Delhi has no shortage of fine dining restaurants or fast food joints. If you are out for a romantic night out with your significant other, then choosing the perfect place for a date is not an easy decision with a plethora of options to choose from. Nowadays people give a lot of importance to the hygienic conditions of the restaurant they are dining at.


The health aspect is always on the mind of the consumer and should be kept in check by the restaurant staff. It is extremely important for the patrons that the staff is well-mannered and courteous, and the waiting time for food is not very high. With such a wide variety of cuisines and ambiance to choose from, it is a great sign for restaurants that the guests are choosing their outlet over the thousands other, and should be served in such a way that they wish to visit again.

They should express their appreciation by treating the guest as part of their restaurant family. So, even with a new customer, they should present them with the same treatment and service which you would provide to a regular customer.

New Delhi is abuzz with tourist activity throughout the year. Being a major hub for politics, entertainment, and big corporate, Delhi witnesses millions of tourists every day. Logically, the growth of the accommodation sector has increased at a great pace. With an impressive F&B industry as well as plenty of avenues for entertainment, Delhi has a major contribution to the tourism industry in India.

For the modern and posh Delhi crowd, rooftop restaurants are all the rage nowadays. People love to wine and dine under the skies complemented by a great view. There is a galore of indoor dining options in New Delhi, but you are missing the charm of the incredible view and calm surroundings you can get while dining at one of the best rooftop restaurant in Delhi, Hichkee Restaurant at Anila Hotel. Due to being surrounded by the lush green environment, the venue has the unique facility of providing you with a clean and eco-friendly environment while you wine and dine at the open-air terrace restaurant in Delhi.

Your safety is our top priority. That is why we use the highest quality ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables. We ensure that food prepared for our customers is up to the standard and also meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. Fresh food is served to the customers daily with no exceptions. A great plethora of multiple varieties of foods has been served like Indian, Chinese; Continental has been served at Anila Hotels by world-class chefs. The restaurant serves a variety of Indian and International cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.

The rooftop restaurant at this hotel is the main attraction for couples looking for a romantic dinner with beautiful surroundings and good food! You can experience a lovely night out with your partner at this charming restaurant.

Be it an outing with your family or a celebratory occasion, the rooftop restaurant, Hichkee Restaurant at Anila Hotel is the best place for any sort of occasion and can be experienced well within your budget.


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