Different Types of Tactical Tomahawk in The Market

Different Types of Tactical Tomahawk in The Market

Hey readers,

I recently came across something i thought was really cool and i want to share it with you all. Here goes….TACTICAL TOMAHAWK.

Really they are quite stunning.

For those of you who know what a tomahawk is skip down.


Traditional Tomahawk

And for the rest of you, The Tomahawk was a kind of axe used by the Native Americans. Originally the heads were made of stone ,but later on were made from iron or brass . The iron and brass ones were introduces by the Europeans, and were often traded for food and provision. Soon after the Native Americans adopted the metal tomahawk heads and learned how to make them. They were used as a general purpose tool , as well as a hand to hand or a throwing weapon. They also often had a tobacco pipe built in to the shaft with the pipe bowl on the other end of the axe head. These tomahawks were a powerful symbol of the choice between Europeans and the native Americans, One end a peace pipe the other a killing instrument.

Modern tomahawk

Enter modern era. Tomahawks have made something of a come back recently. Most significantly in the Vietnam war, were soldiers started requesting them and buying them to carry with them into battle. They were manly used as a multi-purpose tool more then as a combat weapon ,although they were often used for that as well. They were designed by Peter Lagana, they had a reversible spike ,wooden handle and a leather sheath.

In 2001 the “Vietnam Tomahawk” again re-emerged made by the American Tomahawk Company and Ernest Emerson of the custom knife company Emerson Knifes.

Recent tomahawk designs include synthetic shafts and different head shapes.

Modern tomahawks and crafted from drop forged, differentially heat treated,alloy steel.

The differential heat treatment allows for the chopping portion and the spike to be harder than the middle section


Fusion tactical

Tomahawk throwing has been a popular activity within American historical re-enactment groups. Its also a great hobby for anyone to take up,its loads of fun. Recently there new forms of martial arts, that utilize tomahawks have showed up such as okichitaw.

In okichitaw they have begun to revive tomahawk fighting techniques that had been used in the colonial era. Tomahawks today are made by master craftsmen, and there is a category in competitive knife trowing which includes tomahawks .


The “VTAC” (Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk) from the American Tomahawk Company, Is used by the Stryker Brigade of the US Army in Afganistan. The 172nd SBCT Team based at Fort Wainwright, the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division out of Fort Lewis, a Recon Platoon in the 2-183d CAV (116th IBCT)(OIF 2007-2008) and numerous other soldiers.

The VTAC was issued a National Stock Number(4210-01-518-7244) and classified as a “Class 9 rescue kit” as a result of a program called the Rapid Fielding Initiative; it is also included within every Stryker vehicle as the “Modular Entry Tool set”.This design is enjoying something of a renaissance with US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan as a tool and in use in hand-to-hand combat.

The Sayoc-Winkler Knives 2 “R&D Hawk” was developed by ABS Mastersmith Daniel Winkler and Sayoc Tactical Group Tomahawk Instructor Rafael Kayanan’s design of a hawk for modern applications.

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