Enjoy your time with Great Drinking Places in Madurai and Marathahalli

Madurai is one of the ancient cities of India, with a rich heritage. Madurai as many restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs which makes it even more attractive. You can have some great spirits with your friends and have a memorable night out. You can get boozed out with amazing liquors. And what if you have some nice rocking music being played and a dance floor? It’s just awesome. Right? So we have made a list of best bars pubs in Madurai so that you can groove to music and dance all night.

Marathahalli is developing at a faster pace due to the presence of IT industries nearby. It has many great places to just let yourself free and hang out with friends and families. With great food and amazing drinks, you can sure have a memorable time. So we have brought you the list of the best bars in Marathahalli so that you receive the best out of Marathahalli.

  1. Ecstasy Bar, Goripalyam – The place, where it is established attracts lots of customers due to which it’s most crowded. Since it’s nearby to college you will find many college students. It’s the best place to dance all night. You will find a variety of drinks along with snacks like nachos. It’s a great place for a night out too. It is one of the best bars pubs in Madurai.
  2. Swig & Tee Bar, Doak Nagar – This is a posh bar. It’s located in the Heritage Hotel in Madurai. It as a beautiful decor with luxurious seating. The look and feel of the place attract you and let you lose and dance out all night. You also get the best food with amazing drinks making it a better place for memorable hangouts.  It is one of the best bars, pubs in Madurai.
  3. Impala Bar, GST Road – This is situated in Impala Hotel. You can find a great collection of liquors. What makes this place even more special is the live music with a dance floor. That’s sounds as a perfect combo for night outs. So this is the best place for hangouts with friends. You can also have some dishes like Chili Chicken, Paneer tikka, Kebabs along with drinks. It is one of the best bars, pubs in Madurai.

Madurai to Marathahalli, we have got your drinks covered for you

  1. Bierekraft – Planning a place with your friends for peaceful chitchats, with some drinks without any disturbances then head over to this place as they provide a private dining area. They also have amazing outdoor seating. It is one of the best bars in Marathahalli.
  2. The Boozy Griffin – This is one of the best bars in Marathahalli. The amazing decor, great ambiance, and the lighting all lit your mood up. You have quite a good number of spirits to booze you out. Also, you get some snacks along with drinks.
  1. Dive – They serve the best Continental and European Cuisines. The food is lovely. They have an amazing collection of drinks, which makes it a perfect place to hang out. The ambiance is warm. It’s a place where you can chill out and feel relaxed. You should not miss out on Beer Battered Chicken, Quick Gun Murugan, and Corn Kernels. It is one of the best bars in Marathahalli.

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