Why You Should Enroll Into an Artificial Intelligence Certification Now!

If you are into serious business today, you would realize why companies are heavily invested into bringing AI to the core of their IT and security infrastructure. AI could be into “Everything” by 2025, and most human jobs could be lost to machines and robots – especially the ones that could be easily automated. Therefore, it’s the best time to get Artificial Intelligence Certification to further your vision into the upcoming challenges erupting out of the Industrial Revolution – Chapter Four Point Zero.

Here is a quick-read on how to firm up on an Artificial Intelligence Certification.

A Formal Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, in formal parlance, began as part of the sci-fi bandwagon in literature. What we know as humanoids of Isaac Asimov gave us the first glimpse of AI in human life. Today, Artificial Intelligence deals with machines that think or perform acts, simulating humans. In short, if we were to make humans with the machine at its core, it would run on Artificial Intelligence. The simplest example of AI-driven science would be a robotic arm or a self-driving car.

Get it Clear: Machine Learning is Not Artificial Intelligence

In any Artificial Intelligence Certification, professionals come unprepared about the differences between AI and Machine Learning. Both streams of science are overarching at some point, but are vastly different from each other in the way they are created. Both have very different data science models which involve precarious codes that run into thousands of programming lines.

Prerequisites and Requirements in Artificial Intelligence Certification

What do I need to become a certified AI professional?

Artificial Intelligence Certification is mostly built around Probability Theory and Linear Algebra. If you have a good understanding of these sciences, you can turn into a pro very quickly.

A good AI scientist never makes a bad decision, or at least does not let his automated machine make one. With Artificial Intelligence Certification, you would learn what to assume and what to predict with a limited set of data, mined from structured and unstructured pools.  In Artificial Intelligence Certification, you would come across thousands of case studies dealing with various aspects of the methodological application of data using either of these:

–          Semantics of Probability

–          Axioms of Probability

–          Conditional Probability

–          Bayes’ Rule

–          Information Theory

Once you are clear with these fundamental concepts of AI, your Artificial Intelligence Certification would be a cakewalk.

Top AI Jobs for Me!

AI is a good paying job market, with 30%-40% higher growth rate compared to normal manufacturing-level jobs.

Between 2015 and now, the need for AI jobs have jumped by 300% — giving rise to an explosive demand for talent with Artificial Intelligence Certification. Most jobs need an engineering background, while others are meant for professionals with a Medical, legal or a normal home science degree/diploma.

With Artificial Intelligence Certification, you can aim to become a Director of Analytics, Data Scientist, Computer Vision Engineer, Data Engineer, , ML Engineer and Tactician – all with $500,000 salary and upward.

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