Fake News & Court Case Against Chhattisgarh Minister Brijmohan Agrawal

With the increasing level of competition among the political parties and leaders, there are new ways to defame, lay allegation and damage the reputation of a party and leader is a common game in the politics. In this, parties also blame family members of leaders for political benefits.

The same is experienced in the Brijmohan Agrawal case. He is charged for purchasing the forest land and for other reasons. However, no proofs are submitted in support of these allegations and are considered as the politically motivated drama. Brijmohan has always worked for the welfare of the state and believes in serving them to gain success. He also works for improving the living standard and life of the deprived people of the state. He has contributed to the marriage of daughters of poor people and is highly involved in the social welfare programs.

With the growing political activities in Chhattisgarh, you can easily see him or his news over different news channels or over the internet. He and his entire family have done good works so far and are a reputed family in the state. If considering the Brijmohan Agrawal court case in deep it has no base to prove the allegations and is just a politically motivated move. If you come across such news, then it is the right time to know the real cause of the allegation. As per the allegation, Sarita Agrawal is alleged of acquiring 4.12 hector of forest land for construction of a resort.

This news already damaged the image of the BJP party and Brijmohan. Once the news came into his concern, he said that nothing wrong was done in the deal. He also added that if there is any fault, it is from the side of the farmer. He also said that he is ready to return the land if found guilty. When looking in deep, this land is located in the Buddhist tourist site and is important as per the business perspective. Hence, when you come across such negative news about the land acquisition, it is necessary to know about the real facts. This is all done to defame the image of the party and raise concern regarding the corruption cases.

Brijmohan is a kind-hearted person who even goes beyond political diplomacy and helps people in their tough time. He also spends time with people to know their real problems and put his efforts to solve them. He has introduced several schemes for farmers and has also contributed to sports, health and other areas. Brijmohan Agrawal news is all because of his popularity and contribution for the overall welfare of the society. He has done all that brings the society closer and reflect the real Indian culture.

We know that the political parties are raising the issue to defame the BJP party image and the popular leaders in the state. All the allegations are politically motivated and have no base to prove in the court. There is something more to understand in this case and know the allegations that are spread by the opposition. This has definitely given the opportunity to the other parties to lay allegation and gain political benefits. All it required is to look for the real fact behind the fake news and find the truth behind it before you believe.

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