How Forklift Operating Training Can Avert Common Injuries

There is no denying that accidents can happen at any moment and to top this up, where a heavy machinery appears or comes into use, the chances of encountering an accident becomes greater. In a warehouse, this is a common sight, where most of the forklift injuries occur due to poor knowledge of how to operate the machinery. However, the good news is that it is possible to avoid forklift-related injuries that tag along with a used forklift or a new one easily.

In a warehouse, you can take some steps to ensure that operators handle this sophisticated equipment properly, and do so keeping the risks of injuries in their mind. In a warehouse, or any setup that requires the use of forklifts, three injuries are common, and these make it to the top three in the article you are about to complete.

These injuries include falls, crushes, and pedestrians encountering hits or accidents that they can avoid if careful. Here are some of the steps you can take to avert these accidents, which can help to lower the chances or levels of injury, enhance the culture in the workplace, and reduce liabilities.

As warehouse and forklift owner, here are the best changes you can make today.

Let Operators Go Through OSHA Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the best agency in the United States that offers proper forklift operation training to operators who work in warehouses. As a warehouse owner, you should consider asking your operators to go through OSHA’s guidelines, and operational training programs, which should help them in several ways. Through proper training, they will be able to understand the basic features of the forklift, and the safety measures they need to implement to keep themselves safe, and others around them. In addition, OSHA will guide them about possible injuries, how they can tackle the forklift in the case of the equipment toppling.

When you go to a forklift from dealers like Bobby Park Truck & Equipment, they would be able to guide you on the best models in used and new forklifts, you should invest in, and how proper training can help.

Coming back to the main topic, here are the common forklift injuries and some tips on how to avert them.


Just keep in mind that a forklift is not actually a taxi. Some operators end up treating it like one. So many falls of forklifts are because of personnel hitching rides. This is quite unsafe because the forks are not places you can stand or even consider sitting. In addition, the forklift could travel at a speed, but crossing the limit could pose to be harmful if the employee is not sitting in the cabin securely.

The best thing is to institute a no tolerance policy for anyone that ends up treating material handling forklifts as random appliances. In a warehouse, employees should keep it a strict policy to keep this as inexcusable. Any operator should know that riding on the forklift with a load is risky, and drivers need to be aware of this to avoid falls and injuries to themselves.

Crush Injuries

In worse cases, these events often result when the forklift tips over and end up crushing the wayfarers or the operators directly. Another common contributor to this accident happens when the forklift ends up falling on the driver when trying to jump out as it tips. A collection of all these variables can help to produce a better scenario where the lives will be at a risk and the injuries could become at a maximum. It is possible to avert these crush injuries. What the driver should do is ensure to make sure the pedestrians remain aware of the machinery, rather than jumping out of it. In addition, the operators should hold the steering wheel properly and be ready for sudden impact at their feet as an alternative to giving up on the machine, when it is not in proper balance.

Hitting Pedestrians

Although this is something rare because it is impossible, pedestrians can still encounter unexpected hits. In most cases, this results from distractions. Some of the common times when these injuries occur are when the drivers for some reason move their hands away from the driving wheel while installing or working on the repairs of warning sounds and lights. It is best that pedestrians remain aware of their surroundings and focus on operating the forklift.

In a workplace, employers should prohibit the use of tablets and mobile phones, while operating the forklift. They should also check the signals to ensure that the operators are attentive at their workplace.

These are just some of the common injuries that operators can face. Just make sure you follow the right precautionary measures and follow guidelines. Try to ensure that you invest in the best working used forklifts for sale. Choose the best reliable ones.

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