Gender Parity Looks like a Long Road Ahead for Corporates

Myopia of perceptions is what makes prejudice such a strong word. The thing with prejudices and biases are that they can never be good in the long run. When it comes to corporates biases, their reach is far and wide. So, even when the topic of gender discrimination is there for half a century, companies do not take it as a priority. There are many companies who do not have a written policy against gender discrimination. And the size of the organization or its timeline in corporate lifecycle does not have much impact on the gender discrimination. Discrimination, however is dependent on the industries and department in an organization.

Pay parity is the biggest pain point in the gender discrimination index. Women get paid 82% of the standard pay for individuals. Leadership appointment suffers from a serious gender bias. The result- not many women representation in the board rooms or the C-suite. This is a vicious cycle as less women representation in the higher altitudes means that the decisions and corporate strategy remain starkly lopsided against women.

The State of Workplace Gender Parity 2018 – A TopCHRO Report comes with a researched and detailed picture of workplace gender discrimination.

You can click the report here.

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