Why Should You Go for Credential Badge?

If you are planning to opt for credentials then do you know that digital credentials are gaining more traction with both earners and recruiters. The digital credentials offer instant validation of your skills and qualifications to the hiring managers and makes your resume stand out in the pile of profiles.

Digital credentials also known as credential badges are not the open badges that you won in your school year. In fact, these are badge credentials that are certifications in the digital form and they indicate that an individual has accomplished a skill, quality or even an interest.

The digital credential gained traction on the basis of an old game rock, paper and scissor. How, you may ask? Well here’s how –

Rock – Credential Badges – lay a strong foundation

You are already aware that certifications are a third party validation of your skills, qualifications and experience. Put all that in a format of digital button that can be clicked to verify your skills and qualifications. That’s what credential badges do for you. Credential badges are earned after you have successfully completed a course or accomplished a skill that required special training and course. Thus laying a strong foundation for your career.

Paper – Badges Credential – Online Certifications

Paper certifications may get lost in the long queue of resumes and other mails that you or other candidates have sent to the recruiting managers. But with credential badges you can rest assured that your credentials will get noticed by the hiring managers, thus improving your chances of getting hired.

Scissors – Credential Badges – Cut Out All the noise and stand out

Just like scissors can cut through all the fluff and leave you with the important stuff, so do badge credentials help you cut through all the competition and make you stand out. The badges credentials being digital ensure that recruiting managers are taken directly to your credentials with just one click. Thus ensuring your worthiness of the profile and increasing your hiring chances.

As organizations go digital, they seek candidates who are tech savvy, competent and dedicated to their profile or profession. Credential badges ensure the recruiting managers that

  • You are dedicated to your profession
  • You believe in upgrading and updating your skills and qualifications regularly
  • You keep yourself abreast with all the latest happenings in your industry through various mediums like social media, blogs and other materials

Remember to succeed in the competitive world you have to prove your worth to hiring managers or recruiting agencies. And the best way to prove it is by getting badges credentials. Like certifications, credential badges are also gaining traction, in fact, more so because they are easy to access by the recruiting managers and for the earners it gives them the advantage of placing their credentials on their social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter among others, where it is visible to one and all.


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