Hire Professional Immigration Attorney in Katy for Immigration Issues

Professional and experienced immigration attorney in Katy and surrounding areas help you in a number of ways. They offer you complete solutions for deportation or removal issues with full support in bond hearing, deportation or removal defense, cancellation of removal and much more. In addition to this, they also provide you complete solutions for employment based immigration issues like complete help in green card cases with the emphasis of PERM Labor Certification, 1-140 and similar other issues.

You will also get precise solutions for family based issues mainly Immediate Relative Petition (Marriage to US Citizen) or preference petitions and K1/K3 Petition for Fiancée or spouse.

Apart from the aforementioned issues, you will also get solution and assistance from top Immigration attorney in Katy for work visa (H-1B, L-1, R-1, TN, H-2B, E-3), Investors Visa (E-2, EB-5) and VAWA, Asylum, TPS and citizenship. Not to mention citizenship (US History and Civics) Test Assistance Program.

Reputed law offices provide you complete peace of mind. The Law Office of Sunita Kapoor is the right law office to hire immigration attorney in Katy. Here, they run Legal Permanent Residents in learning US history and Civics to become US Citizens. Such programs are specifically planned to accommodate the needs of clients – who either have limited skills or command over English or due to the age factor they are unable to learn US History & civics on their own.

You have to make a contact and get complete assistance.

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