How Ayurveda helps to deal with digestive problems

Indigestion, the acid influx is all common digestive problems that spring up every now and then.  A digestive enzyme syrup for a child might be an opt choice, but Ayurveda says the solution lies in the kitchen. As per Ayurveda is Agni that is a source of life.  In a way it works out to be a gatekeeper of your good health as what you eat is looked upon and offered to Agni. What you go on to eat nourishes your digestive system. As per Ayurveda consumption of cold foods or fried foods leads to building up toxins in your body. The main cause of the disease is termed as Ama.

Now the main health goal is to balance the metabolic fire. The Ayurveda experts suggest that you need to stick to good eating habits.

  • You should eat only when you are hungry
  • Between each meal, there needs to be a gap of 3 hours, at least so that you are able to digest the previous meal
  • Do not smoother Agni and keep away from fried and spicy food

An option of simple foods in terms of your diet is the best. Alkalis help to regulate the gastric fire. Ghee is known to stimulate Agni and paves way for better digestion. As per medical experts, proper chewing is also essential for digestion. Best digestive enzyme syrup can also help you cope up with any digestive problems that emerge.

For constipation, you need to have salt, ghee, and hot water

A drink has to be formed with ghee, salt, and hot water. Ghee would help you to lubricate the inside of the intestines and salt would remove bacteria.  Once you are done with your dinner after a couple of hours you can have a ripe banana that is to be followed by a glass of hot milk. Even a tablespoon of castor oil taken at midnight can provide you relief. But for all women who are pregnant, they need to keep away from castor oil. You need to discuss with your healthcare provider if you are planning to provide castor oil for kids or even if you happen to be above the age of 60 years.

For diarrhea eat gourds and keep on hydrating

For diarrhea, bottle gourd is an excellent remedy. It is possible to turn them on to a soup, cook it with vegetables and even you can eat it with rice as per experts who prescribe Ayurveda medicines for digestion. They go on to produce a lot of water along with fiber. The best part is that it ceases to be easy to digest, low on the calories front and feels light on your stomach.

When you are suffering from this symptom you should not be dehydrating. You need to increase the intake of water along with essential fluids. In this regard, plain water is best but you can also opt for buttermilk. One of the best ways is to opt for ginger so as to reduce toxins from the body.