How to Make your First Inbound Call Center Successful?

Inbound call center outsourcing is a highly-prevalent phenomenon in the business world, which has shaped the fortunes of many companies. When outsourcing is done to the correct vendor, the business benefits are immense. On the contrary, when your call center partner is not up to the scratch, it results in grave problems for your business and may cause you to lose your customers fast.

Cheat Book for Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Success

Just like in any field, inbound call center solution also has certain cheats that can be utilized for guaranteeing success in a business venture. Below is a cheat book that you can follow to find the most appropriate vendor for your business:

  1. Select your vendor from a developing country – Developing countries have a low currency value when compared with developed countries. This means that when you outsource your work to them, you benefit from the currency exchange rate that works in your favor. For example, a company in the US can reduce the cost of operation by nearly 2-3 times when it outsources its work to India.
  2. Choose a vendor on the basis of the CRM it has – A CRM captures all the details of customers calling in. It also provides agents instant information the moment a call arrives. Access to instant information allows agents to learn about customers’ situation before even starting the conversation. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to handle angry customers and build a good rapport from the very beginning. All this is only possible if the CRM that your future representatives will be using has all the essential features. Also, if you are looking to outsource certain back office support services like Live Chat and email support, then a CRM can help you link interactions that have taken place across different channels, enabling you to serve your customers in a better way.
  3. Define SLAs with great care – Service level agreement better known as SLA is like a mutual understanding between vendors and the outsourcing company. So, you need to define the SLAs with great care. Important parameters like AHT, FCR, CSAT, TAT etc. need to be defined in a way that is both achievable and beneficial for your company. SLAs keep your partner honest in their work when you outsourcing call center tasks to them.
  4. Employ a liaison manager – If you are saving money through your inbound call center outsourcing venture, then you can spend some of it on hiring a liaison manager who will serve as your eyes and years in the vendor premises. A liaison manager can become a vital cog of your call center operation as he can spot any depreciation in quality and provide the necessary feedback that is in line with your vision. It will also take a lot of pressure off your shoulders as you won’t have to visit the vendor premises very often. This will allow you to focus more on your core process and not worry about the outsourced call center.