Persian Rugs

How to Recognize a Persian Rug is Fake

A Persian rug is something that you don’t want to compromise on quality. It is one of the most expensive home decor items that have to resell value also. Usually, people don’t buy Persian rugs. They are gifted by their grandparents as a family treasure. If you are not so lucky one who has got the precious gift, below are some tips and tricks to differentiate fake and real Persian rugs.

 A Plastic Back

Oriental rugs are hand-knotted and have a soft back. The back body of the rug is almost similar to the front, looks like seeing in the mirror. If the back part has plastic, it can be latex to hold the rug knot together. So, it could be easy to recognize whether the Oriental rug is original. A rug with a plastic back may be made from synthetic fibers that may look aesthetically pleasing. It cannot last longer than 3-5 years. The lifespan of such rugs is short.

Notice weaving Structure

The weaving structure of hand-knotted oriental rugs is uneven. They don’t have perfectly straight horizontal weft threads. On the back, the colour of the knots is uneven.

Colour Bleeding

Oriental or Persian rugs are dyed with natural vegetable dyes. Since time unknown, Persian carpets have been dyed with natural colours. If the rug is not bleeding colour, it may have chemical dyes or made using colourfast techniques. Damp a small piece of cotton cloth into the water and leave it on one corner of the carpet overnight. The next morning, check the rug. If you notice some colour on the cloth, it may be because the rug is naturally dyed.

The Fringe is Glued or Sewn

Persian rugs are neither glued nor sewn. It is one of the fastest ways to identify whether the carpet is real or fake. The fringe on the Persian carpet is tied. It is one of the main things that hold the knots of the rug together. It is also a structural one. Some dealers try to cheat people by adding fake fringe. You can notice it by flipping the rug. Notice it whether the fringe is sewn or glued.

Selling at Unbelievable Discounts

Who doesn’t like a discount? But it doesn’t mean that you buy a fake product. In the case of oriental rugs, you cannot take the chance. A heavy discount on an oriental rug indicates that the product is not what it should be. A Persian rug may take months or a year to prepare. Selling it at a heavy discount is not something you should easily believe in it. Beware of such dealers. They may be trying to make you fool.