What Impact Does Latest Trends have On Mobile App Development?

App development is the present trend, but what’s the future of this present? Well, looking at the current scenario of the booming application market, what predictive analyst estimates state is there’s a lot of revenue hidden in this sector. There have been lots of drastic alterations seen back in the date in this sector and any exact prediction cannot be made, you never know which side the market will take a U-turn.

The revenue bar is rising, the number of users is rising and along with that A and iPhone application development, trends are also rising. Compared to the year when the app store was developed back in 2008 with that of 2017, there has been a huge makeover to the app store. From like around 500 apps to 2.2 million apps in a just limited span of years, it’s just truly splendid. The above figures were about the Apple store and the number the apps in the Google play store revolves around 2.8 million. Even though Google play store leads in the total number of apps but when it comes to revenue generation, Apple store is in the leading position. Both of them are striving hard to grow higher in the market.

Mobile App Development Trends

What’s Up in App Market

Let it be fashion or it is technology, the only question that toggles each and every mind is what’s trending? When coming to the mobile app, aggregator apps are something that is the current talks of the town. Now, you might be thinking what is aggregator apps? These are the apps that organize content from varied sources from the web and incorporates them into non-cluttered and easy to follow UI. These are the set of selected apps for the people who don’t have time or interest to indulge in an exploration of the bulk of websites or mobile app downloads. Now, you know why these apps are going viral and grabbing public attention. Another latest trend in this industry that’s driving revenue for the mobile app development companies is in-app ads and in-app purchases. The majority of the analysis depicts that the trend has just initiated and is going to continue ravishingly in the upcoming years also. Other factors that show app development has a very bright future are IOT, smartWatches, and smartTV.

Alterations in the App Market

The global sale of Android smartphones is around 87% and that of IOS is 11%. This clearly signifies that consistent mutation is the key to app development sector and to ensure your position here, you have to cope with the pace. With the advent of high-speed internet, mind-boggling graphics and excellent speedy processors, mobile devices have become an ATM machine generating a high level of revenue out. Since past few years, mobile applications have witnessed a massive user engagement, here are some of the major illustrations of the same.  Get Spotify Premium APK for Android & iOS.

  1. 135%, yes this is the percentage by which the digital version of newspaper and magazines have increased which is compatible with mobile views.
  2. 332%, this is the percentage by which the customized apps have shown an upsurge.
  3. Travel apps, social media apps, dating apps, health and fitness apps are some of the sectors of application development that are on a huge hype and people are downloading it on a pro.
  4. M-commerce apps have indulged into people’s lives in a way that it seems totally unstoppable to eradicate them from routine usage.

Ongoing App Market Trends

With cutting-edge competition, herds of developers and outnumbered users, the market is not on the verge of stagnancy, it’s still ever evolving and keep on experimenting out of the closet ideas. Let’s have a look at ongoing ones.

1) AR and VR

With PokemonGo shaking the entire industry last year, there’s no wonder that AR and VR are the present and future that developers are going to jump on. These are the best tools for massive user engagement, the concept came in 2014 also but was not excel in performance which is now improvised and people are going bananas over it.

2) Instant Apps

These are not actually available on Android at the current stage but it is the upcoming knock on the doors of the mobile app world. These are exactly like the name suggest. Here, the user can access numerous apps without actually installing them on their phones. These can be used for integrating a single feature from any app on the go.

3) AMP

Users lack patience and leave the app very spontaneously if it takes more time to load. To troubleshoot these issues and grab more amount of users, AMP is generated. The focal intent is to have speedy mobile sites.

4) IOT

smartHome, smartPhone and self-driven cars are the end result of IOT only. Locking and unlocking of doors, switching on and off the lights automatically are all the boon of IOT only. Self-driven cars will be seen on the roads which can pull data like navigation, traffic updates and weather conditions. Yes, of course, this will need smart backend architecture and also complicated mobile platforms but this is what you are going to see in your upcoming future.

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