Impress Everyone with Your Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chips

Love poker? Try something new and astound everyone by showcasing your custom hot stamped poker chips.

Love playing poker? How about having your own special logo or message printed on them? Sounds impossible right! Here at we make it possible to customize your poker chips with the personalized messages, logos or dates. Poker is a fun way to spend an evening with friends and family and having a personal message of your family and friends printed on them makes it more special.

These make for a great gift to someone special and a great way to promote your company or event. Gifting custom hot stamped poker chips is a whole new concept that will uplift your sense of gifting and style. Its uber, it’s chic and way too classy. The custom hot stamped poker chips are the least expensive. One can choose from printing 3 or 4 letters or numbers on each side. For a special design or logo, you need to order before, so that we make the required die. One can also get labels made. Labels can have any design and color. A typical a’1 label fits any chip, but for specialized chips, one needs to get a 1.25’ label made. Ceramic chips are the best in class. One can get customized ‘built in’ chips with your design. These are very durable and long-lasting.

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