Joint family

10 things that only living in a joint family can understand

I live in a joint family. You will not believe that we live here just like a family together. If you are thinking like this then not every family is so perfect that you can always find love at home. But yes a joint family has many advantages and disadvantages. Well, there are many advantages, but nowadays everyone wants to have his personal space, which he may not get in a joint family.

But there is one thing, you will always find the environment around you in a joint family quite good. But only if your family management is good. Even today there are many families in India, so they live in joint families and are left with the change of time. Of course, some people are joint families by name only, in fact, two different houses have also been built under the same roof.

Many people still do not even know the meaning of the joint family. It is a family where grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and their children live together in the same big house.

Have you now seen all the women sitting in the courtyard together, who do all the work together and blossom talking about all the people in the house?

Many of you may not have seen this or many people who live in joint families like me have enjoyed this wonderful view. If you live in one, you will be able to relate some of the things we have told ourselves.


Is there anyone like me, who, after doing mischief, puts the blame on his cousin brother and sister. The joint family is so big that you succeed in a game. No one can find out whose mischief is it?


In this house, you will definitely be compared to your siblings. Be it Marx or good habits, you have to hear why they are better than you?

Cousins ​​are your best friends:

Your cousins ​​are your best friends. They know all your secrets and you can share them all. You do all the work together, from shopping to all the household chores.

Report Card Exhibition:

Your report card is not limited to your parents only. This is the most dangerous situation. Only God can save you on this day. You start worrying more about what your uncle will say than fearing your parents. Everyone sees your report card one by one, and all the scolding is only heard by you and you.

Grandparents will save you:

If you want to avoid parental scolding, you can run to grandparents. They will save you by doing so in that dangerous situation.

On one occasion or another:

You live in a house where someone’s birthday will come every other week or someone’s anniversary or festival. That means the days of eating and drinking will never end.

Forget personal space:

If you feel that by staying in a joint family, you will take time out for your loner then this cannot happen. A bright fair will be held in your room, because all the cousins ​​will stay together, from the dining table to the night bed.

Kitchen politics:

You will always find your mother in the kitchen. Busy to cook something or a different khichdi is also cooked here. The whole agenda is set about what is going on in the house, what can be done on which issue.

Children not to worry:

If you are going out of work, your parents do not have to worry about you. They will leave you with uncle and aunt without any worry because they already know how to take care of you.

The rules will be equal for everyone:

No one can do anything different at home. If you do something, you will get the same punishment as your cousin.

Many people today may have forgotten the importance of a joint family or do not know at all. Perhaps what our parents did, we may do the same later because we have been brought up this way. But perhaps there is a need to understand its importance.

But the lifestyle of the youth of today has changed to a great extent and they have adopted Western civilization, where children begin to live away from parents at an early age and prefer to live their lives in their own way. Understanding the importance of family in India, people may forget in a few years. But maybe you don’t know it can become a kind of problem. Because we cannot find things that are fun together, caring for elders, guidance. They face all the problems that occur in the future and become a victim of anxiety, loneliness, despair due to not saying their words to anyone.