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Know, What Kind Of Ac Is Perfect For You

Are you planning to buy a new AC system for your domestic use? If yes, then definitely see all the options available in the market in detail to choose the best. You will also see many different types of AC systems from different brands. Before buying AC for your home, what else should be kept in mind, like proven record and their AC service and maintenance?

Take split or window

The first question that comes to mind before buying AC is split or window? The window AC fits into the window of the house. One part of the split AC is hung on the wall, while the other part is in open space. Although the power consumption of both is the same according to the star rating, keep in mind the need before choosing

  • Nowadays there is no window in the balcony or bedroom in flats etc. In such a situation, split AC is the better option
  • If you have a functional window space and want to save money, then window AC will be excellent
  • Many people are disturbed by any sleep. Split AC is right for them. Since the central part is outside, there is no scope for noise
  • As the humidity increases during the season, the water starts dripping from the backside of the window AC. If anyone has problems with this, do not take window AC
  • If you want instant cooling, then the window AC is correct. Split ACs take some time in cooling and cannot throw stable air over the user
  • Split ACs perform the same cooling throughout the room while window ACs have more cooling near the window. It maintains his top cooling in the moonlight because of external humidity.

How many tons of AC did you need?

While buying AC in the market, the first question the shopkeeper will ask is how many tons of AC you need. Here ton does not mean its weight but its cooling capacity. How many tons of AC you need depends on many things like Size of the room, how many people live in the place, items kept in the area (beds, cupboards, etc.), electrical products in the room, whether the room is facing direct sunlight or not.

Understand its mathematics

It is also essential to know about electricity consumption while buying AC. Star rating is the best way to help in this matter. The higher the star rating, the more power saving. Think of it like this:

  • The longer a star’s AC consumes electricity of RS 100, the longer the AC of a 5-star rating consumes only RS. 69
  • ACS with a 1-star rating may be cheaper than ACs of a high score, but in the long run, you will save AC with a high grade
  • High star AC is not only saving your electricity, but also earning you. In 3 years, it will save you the extra money spent on a 5-star rating and return it
  • In an average household, an average of 8 hours of AC runs for 252 days. From this perspective, a star rating can affect your budget
  • If you want to run AC for 6 to 8 hours only at night, then you can buy 3 or 4 star AC for a lower price
  • If you want to run AC for 15 to 18 hours, then 5 star AC will be beneficial for you in the long-term
  • Use sleep mode in AC, which will automatically shut down as soon as the morning. It also saves a lot
  • There are now inverter technology ACs in the market, which saves 20 to 30% more energy than ordinary ACs with a 5-star rating. They cost a bit more.

Take care of these things as well

The real coolness of the AC will be destined if it is serviced from time to time. Choose the company whose service network is in more cities. This will help in service. Many companies offer plans for annual maintenance.

  • When the cooling of AC is around 25.5 ° C, it is consuming the lowest power
  • It has been observed that people increase cooling and sleep with thick blankets. It would be better to keep cooling down and relax without a sheet
  • When you are at home all day, then you can increase the temperature by another degree if you feel comfortable
  • If you are not at home and want to leave AC for pets, you can increase it by 5 degrees. This will save electricity
  • If you want to balance between cooling and power consumption, then run AC as well as room fan on economy mode (many AC presets come with economy mode, and some can be set manually). AC consumes the lowest power in economy mode.

New technology new stars

Apart from tonnage and star ratings, the technology has now equipped AC with many more features. See which ACs are present in the market:

  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Ductless and mini-split air conditioner
  • Window air conditioner


You can exchange AC services to afford maintenance to your air conditioners. All-time, they will take the low price for dusting your air conditioners, and they also deliver first-time free service. People always look for less energy-consuming AC systems because of new expanse. What is the difference between HVAC and AC? 

They should initiate the meaning of HVAC. Central air signifies warming, drying, and cooling. While AC is small for cooling, subsequently, HVAC asylums suggestively more and entails a more brilliant skill level to fix and familiarize heaters, evaporator chillers, and warming agendas. People who look for an ac service near me at home then they should contact customer care.

The HVAC description doesn’t unveil to you whether the society you pick is knowledgeable and fortified to fix your HVAC context or has the mastery to configuration, arrange and announce a liveliness prolific HVAC framework to billet your necessity. Business patrons that have assemblies with huge floor-space necessitate more confounding HVAC agendas than isolated.