Online proctoring exams are the future of learning

Un-proctored tests have swelled the certifications market like never before. We all agree that un-proctored tests are cheaper and more flexible than proctored tests. However, un-proctored test also come with their own limitations, especially the possibility of cheating and poor performance too.

Problems with un-proctored tests

Research has shown that participants perform better in a proctored test environment than in un-proctored test settings. One reason could be the lack of distractions in the proctored environment. Another reason possibly could be our set habit and expectations. Whatever the case is, un-proctored test does not give a fool-proof system.

Handling cheating can be a difficult task in an un-proctored test. Especially when the test involves simple calculations or clear cut answers that can be prompted. To some extent, this flaw can be mitigated by generating judgment or self-assessment reports. In the age of Google, another big problem could be the online searches. Timing the test and could reduce online searches. Security of the test questions is the greatest concern while using un-proctored exams. Authenticity of test will be compromised once the test is taken in an unguarded environment.

Problems with proctored tests:

Conventional methods of proctored exams are becoming obsolete as it is becoming hard for companies and institutes to find exam facilities near the test taker. Moreover, it is getting difficult to find proctors. Proctoring quality is also dubious. Limited availability of test centers and proctors extend the waiting time for test takers.

A laboratory conducted a study on a small sample group of 130 people that were divided in 4 groups:

Here is what they recommended:

Test that need to check the cognitive abilities of the performer were best used when the participants were placed in a group of two. Whereas situational judgement and personality tests showed the same results for proctored and un-proctored tests.

Online proctoring exams have arrived as the best solution to this dilemma.

To appear in these exams, the participant needs:

  • A functioning devise
  • A good internet connection
  • A web camera and mike
  • Compatible browsers

The best way between un-proctored and proctored exams are the online proctoring exams that come with the best from both kinds. They can be taken anywhere, they are cheaper and they are authentic. Online proctored exams are monitored on cameras and are timed to avoid any kind of cheating. These can be taken in a public place or in private location.

While deciding whether to use online proctored exams, proctored exams or totally un-proctored exams, it will make sense to analyze the use of results these exams will produce. While proctored exams will be suitable for skill testing and testing of research capabilities, un-proctored exams can be best used when behavioral or personality traits are to be tested. Whereas online proctored exams can be used for any of kinds of tests.


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