Pre-Rented Property: What You Should Consider?

If you are looking for a space then why not pre-rented one? There are so many options in spaces that you would never find yourself unsatisfied. But when it comes to pre-rented space; these are really amazing. They not just get you a space but an income too.

You can look for spaces like Pre rented property in greater Noida or pre-leased space in your city.  It all starts with what you want.  You know various kinds of properties are there that individuals are investing in.  Speaking of commercial spaces, everybody wants to save a great amount and make the correct choice. In the diverse choices, pre-rented commercial properties are on the rise.

What does pre-rented space stands for?

In simple words a pre-leased propertyis property or belongings that have already been rented out to a company / retail brand and it is on sale currently.  As the name says it all, it is already leased to an inhabitant at the time of sale, and is originating a safe income. These are the properties that are vended at their rental harvests. Rental production is basically the regular return that is gained on investment and that also without considering the foreseeable capital loss or gain from sale.  Usuallythe investment amount can start somewhere at Rs 50 Lacs and can even touch up to Rs 100 Crore or even up.There are many benefits of pre-leased property if you don’t know, have a look below:

Good return since the first day

Generally, individuals purchase properties and rent the space out later. It only means that the purchaser searches for the occupant himself and they have to wait for the return, after purchasing, till time the property is basically rented out. However, in the realm of a pre-rented commercial property, returns are definite right from day 1. It apparently indicatesthere is a zero waiting time for the Return on the Investment (ROI). Of course, you can get the returns without any delays or waiting.

Fixed monthly returns

Since such types of properties are already occupied by tenants at the time of buying, a lease contract is previouslysigned; safety deposit collected, and locks-in period well-defined. As an outcome of this, a monthly return is safe and assured. It is apparently a safe investment.Once you get fixed monthly returns you can be sure that you are getting something every single month that too without any extra efforts.

Growth in Rent and Lock in time

Growth of rent is pre-defined in task of lease.  Rent appreciation is usually fifteen percent after every three years, in a nine year lease. Speaking of lock -in time, it is distinct in lease agreement. Lock-in period is the least time frame wherein the inhabitant cannot vacate the property. The lock in time usually is three years for a lease of nine years.


So, it is time that you talk to pre-leased property consultant in Greater Noida and make a decision. You cannot end up with any random option and more you research and explore; better you take decision about pre-leased property.

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