Quickbooks Time Tracking Errors

Quickbooks Time Tracking Errors

Quickbooks time tracking errors too easy and costly time theft too hard to spot. The good news is that these days there are quite a lot of applications for QuickBooks time tracking. The bad news is that the selection can be somewhat overwhelming, so it is not easy to choose only one. Each time tracking application has different features and benefits. You will like some features of one solution, but dislike some of its other aspects. There are no correct decisions as part of this is about personal preference. It’s important to figure out which Quickbooks time tracking application has the features you need. A detailed list of different Quickbooks time tracking applications can help you make a choice.

1. TSheets Quickbooks Time Tracking – Best for Small Businesses or the Self-Employed

TSheets Quickbooks time tracking a friendly customer experience team, affordable pricing options, and advanced tracking features like geofencing and job costing to boost your time tracking capabilities. Get insight into where their employees are putting in the time, how much a project’s labor costs are, and which clients are being served each week. TSheets also offers free single-user time tracking accounts with 1099 invoicing and other features that make it affordable and easy to use for independent contractors and freelancers.

TSheets Benefits

  • Accuracy and accountability: GPS location tracking and the Who’s Working window are perfect for seeing who’s working and when. Keep up with workers on the go and enjoy true accountability for your whole team.
  • Visual aids: Minimize “buddy punching” with the help of biometric facial recognition. 
  • Job costing and job codes: Use job codes to track different projects for different clients. By tracking how long the job took, what materials were used, and the cost of labor, TSheet’s job costing can give you a better idea of which projects are the most profitable.

2. Time Tracker by eBillity – Best for Law Offices or Bilingual Clients

eBillity’s Time Tracker is a top ProAdvisor pick that comes fully loaded with its own list of special features for time tracking.

Customer data is secured with 128-bit encryption data and daily backups to a server with full redundancy, meaning your confidential information is safe in eBillity’s capable hands.

Time Tracker Benefits

  • Communication: Internal messaging means accountants and bookkeepers don’t have to chase down employees for clarification on timesheets, or vice versa.
  • Invoicing: eBillity syncs with QB for fast or easy invoicing, payroll, and reports. The app also has its own customizable invoicing solution for non-QuickBooks customers that does the job in “four clicks from start to finish.”
  • Employee management: Manage your employees smarter, not harder, with an employee database and scheduling. Set multiple pay rates and send email notifications to keep everyone on the same page.

3. BigTime Time Tracking or Billing – Best for Professional Services Businesses

Large offices in the professional services industry have a lot to gain from BigTime’s intuitive features, perfect for on-site workers. Offering a full assortment of features, from billing and scheduling to resource allocation, BigTime provides a full-service time tracking solution at a slightly higher price point.

The app caters to many industries, including accountants, architects, and engineers, as well as marketing and advertising agencies. Like eBillity, BigTime also offers its own Spanish app for bilingual offices.

BigTime Benefits

  • Full-featured job costing: BigTime offers in-depth job costing capabilities to help clients make better business choices. Knowing the numbers has never been easier.
  • Project management: Use BigTime for both tasks or time management. Assign due dates, budgets, staff assignments, and more — all in one place! Know which employees are available to take a gig with the help of BigTime’s scheduling and project management feature.
  • DCAA timekeeping: Itis a fantastic time tracking solution for government contractors. Use this app to create enforceable timesheet restrictions, timestamps, and electronic signatures.

4. Minute7 Time Tracking & Expenses – Best for Simplicity

Minute7 offers a $4-per-month business account and free accounts for ProAdvisors who don’t need all the bells and whistles just a simple, reliable time tracking solution. Small firms or independent contractors love Minute7’s simplified time tracking process, available on iPhone, Android, or any computer. Minute7 syncs directly with QuickBooks and is a great time tracking solution for any freelancer or small business owner looking to take that first step into automated tracking.

Minute7 Benefits

  • Expense reports: Manage time and expenses, all in one place.
  • Information at your fingertips: Minute7 keeps great records and, best of all, they’re fully searchable. The app has its own filters for time entries so you can look back on specific types of timesheets, as well as an activity log that records user entries.
  • On-time, every time: Set reminders for your employees to submit time and for yourself to run payroll. Never let payday get away from you again.

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