Reasons Not To Get Your Custom Teeth Grinding Guard

Do you grind or clench your teeth while sleeping? You could already be suffering the negative impacts of teeth grinding including headaches, pain in the jaw, cavities and other dental issues. Wearing a custom mouth guard for grinding teeth can help protect your teeth and gums as well as alleviate the headaches you experience.

One of the first places people will search for custom teeth grinding guard is at their dentist’s office. This can be very costly. The average cost of a custom-fit night guard at a dental office can be anything between $300 and $1000. The cost is dramatically reduced if you choose to get them online. You can get a high-quality custom-fit night guard for as low as $80.

The following are some more reasons not to get your custom mouth guard for grinding teeth at a dental office.

  • You won’t get a guarantee:- If you’re going to pay $800 on a mouth guard, you better ensure that it comes with some sort of guarantee or warranty. What if you wear the night guard while staying in a hotel, for example, and traveled home, only to realize that you left it in the bathroom? Without a warranty or guarantee, you would have to shell out the $800 once again to get a new mouthguard. What if you wear the night guard and find that it causes pain even after wearing it for several weeks? Good luck getting your dentist to find another solution for you without you paying the cost of a new night guard. With a satisfaction guarantee or warranty from an online company, there’s a good chance you can change your night guard or get a replacement when needed. This is as long as it is within the limits of the terms and conditions.
  • Your dentist doesn’t make the night guard:- Dentists don’t make custom night guards. They simply take the impressions of your teeth and jaw to a lab where it is made. The dentist pays the lab for its services and includes these charges in their own service charge. It is no wonder getting a night guard from a dentist is so much more expensive than getting it done directly from the lab online.

  • You may not be covered by insurance:- Many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of night guards even when you get them from the dentist. There’s, therefore, no advantage in going to the dentist. You may not get the cost of the night guard subsidized by your insurance.

Conclusion:- There’s no real benefit in going to see a dentist to get custom teeth grinding guard. You’re much better off ordering yours online.