Reduce Technical Debt in IT Environment w/Data Integration Consultant

Whenever you design, install or implement any new process, tool or system in your IT environment, you go through a technical debt, so an efficient connection should provide durable support and maintenance to the element. In the comprehensive IT infrastructure, numbers of connections, components, interfaces, applications, and installations take place in the company, which adds on to the technical debts of the enterprise. Data Integration Consultants aims at reducing debt load on business leaders and free up resources to drive innovation that helps to bring in new business capabilities and features.

Simplifying the Approach

Technical debts, at some points, are essential to continue the operation of IT systems. But you need some tools and systems in your business processes, to streamline work and helping the business owners to make well-versed decisions. Accordingly, you can never trim down your technical debts to zero.

Impact of data integration

IT managers and trainers are well-aware of the need and perception behind the role of technical debts in an organization. ITAM (IT Asset Management) processes concentrate on categorizing and monitoring the components in your environment and provide the workable tools to calculate and create reports on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). However, the ITAM team may still not be able to provide comprehensive information about the components, web connections and data integrations impacting the technical debt of your company.

Data management experts estimated that data connection costs around 40% of the TCO in an IT system of a company. This 40% cost is inclusive of, maintenance and update of connections, handling security outages, managing data connection failure and resolving them and the cost required for updating and replacing the IT system.

Thus, the companies need to have a data integration platform to reduce the technical debts, as creating and maintaining end-to-end connections is extremely costly, need excessive time and maintenance. The load to the technical debts increases with the increase in a number of connections and vice-versa, so the companies require a user-friendly iPaaS platform. An integrated platform allows creating, organizing, managing and maintaining all the data connections quickly, lowering the TCO with less technical debts.

Change Data Integration Approach

The cost of data integration depends on the number of connections and their management system (central or individual). Most organizations are managing data integration with point-to-point connections between components in the IT system, which is time-consuming and expensive, making it a complex work structure.

Modern data management platforms have evolved in the last few years and replaced the point-to-point integration method, which connects all IT systems on a single platform. It helps the data engineers to authenticate and manage workflows and facilitates with the tools to optimize data. This approach enables you to connect, collect, transform and share data with a specific system. This centralized data management approach reduces the number of connections for data integration by 70%.

How Will Data Integration Consultants Help You?

A centralized data integration platform will help you to reduce overall TCO by trimming down the technical depts. Moreover, not only cost savings, a centralized data management platform will provide more secure connections, and frequent updating and upgrading potential, and presents the capability of auditing data security audit that is not available in point-to-point connections. So, hiring Data Integration Consultants can help you to save your technical expenses while bringing in a more suitable and secured data connection.ExistBI operates consulting services in the US, UK and Europe, contact them today for more details.