water purifier with uv and ro

RO or UV Water Purifiers – Which One Is Best For Your Family?

Drinking clean water is very important for health. As pollution is encroaching every sector of life, water is the most contaminated medium so far. According to UHO (World Health Organization) 3.7 million people die every year due to water contaminated diseases. Tap water is no longer a reliable source of pure water. There are many instances reported every day where people fall ill after drinking the contaminated water from the tap. Even the traditional filters are not good enough for producing safe water for drinking. The level of contamination is increasing day by day as the factories are departed chemicals in the rivers and ponds which is the main source of drinking water.

Many companies are coming forward with different types of water purifiers. They also have a diverse system installed in those purifiers to get the maximum result. The confusion people have whether to choose RO or UV Water Purifiers. As a normal person, we rarely know about technical details and cant take the right decision while making the purchase decision.
Let’s take you the eternal conflict of RO and UV Water Purifiers but before that, we must know about these two purification systems as well.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System?

In this purification system, the water molecule will move through a semi-permeable membrane that only allows the water molecule to pass and prevent the dissolved salts and impurities. So, in RO purification systems, the filtered water is free from the bacteria and contamination.

What is UV Water Purifiers System?

In this system, the Ultra Violet ray kills the harmful bacteria of the water to make it disinfectant from the pathogens.

Which one is better – RO or UV Water Purifiers?

Although the basic works of both the purification systems is to remove the harmful bacteria, there are many other factors that should consider while buying one for your home.
The UV water purifier kills the bacteria but it cannot filter them. So the dead body of the bacteria stays on the water. On the other hand, the RO water purifier does not only kill them but filter their bodies as well. That’s why water purifier is more hygienic to some extent.

Another point that can be count as the advantage for the RO water purifier is that it can remove the dissolved contamination and harmful bacteria. We must know that not only the bacteria but also the dissolved salt and chemicals are harmful to our body. The RO purification system more effectively separates those dissolved elements from the water. The heavy metals and other chemicals can make you sick and the UV purification system does not filter those particles.

Most of the RO purifications have an in-built pre-filtration system that will help to separate the muddy water. Just like the previous, UV filtration does not have any facility to work on muddy water. The main task of it is to kill the bacteria but if the water of your water is affected with sediments, then RO is the only answer.
RO water purifiers need much water pressure to work it but UV does not need any specific pressure.