The best exhaust fan for bathroom

exhaust fan Having a fan in the bathroom is t just desirable because it helps keep the room smelling fresh and clean. It also removes potentially damaging moisture from your home. Furthermore, it is highly likely that any new construction you do will require a ventilation fan in the bathroom.

When shopping for bathroom fans, you ‘ll want one that is strong enough to effectively move the air outside to decrease the chances of damaging your home with damp air. Our favorite, the Panasonic VF-VHL WhisperWarm FanHeatLight Combo, also features a light and a heater to increase your comfort. To learn more about the features a top-rated bathroom fan should have, keep reading.

Considerations when choosing bathroom fans


This is most important if you are replacing a bathroom fan. Ideally, you ll want to find one that fits perfectly into the hole that is already there; although, this might not be possible in all instances. Also, you want to be sure that the fan is suitable for where it is intended to go because not all models are capable of being mounted on a wall.


Fan airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute CFM. You need approximately CFM for every square foot of space in your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom is x, that means you need a CFM fan. If it is the only x, that would require a CFM fan.


Noise level

The noise level of a bathroom fan is measured in scones a perceived volume level, meaning this rating is subjective. A quiet model is. scones, while the loudest is . or more scones.

Light and heat

If you would like your bathroom fan to have a built-in light andor heater, that is possible. These models will cost more, and they will most likely require being placed on a circuit with a -amp fuse because they draw a great deal of power.

Automatic on-off

Some bathroom fans have a sensor like a dehumidifier, so the unit will turn on automatically when it senses a certain level of moisture in the air.


Budget bathroom fans are available for less than $. These models will likely be noisy. At about $, you can find better-built fans that move more air and do it quietly. Between $ and $, you have top-of-the-line fans, which may feature all the bells and whistles, such as humidity sensors, lights, heat, variable speeds, and more.


Q. I m thinking of venting my fan into the attic to keep cold air from entering my bathroom in the winter. Is that a smart move?

A. No. It is far better to have a vent system that includes a damper. When you vent your bathroom fan into your attic, all the moisture remains in your home, creating a potential mold and mildew problem in your attic instead of your bathroom.

Q. My bathroom fan keeps blowing a fuse, has it been installed improperly?

A. Hopefully not. A circuit breaker is designed to break the circuit when a system is overloaded. It is a safety feature. If your ventilation fan also includes a light and a heater, the power draw might just be too much for your circuit.

Bathroom fans we recommend

Best of the best: Panasonic s VF-VHL WhisperWarm FanHeatLight Combo

Our take: A high-end model that includes all the features you would want in your ideal bathroom fan.

What we like: Panasonic s WhisperWarm fan is a large durable ceiling-mounted CFM unit that also provides light and heat. It is manufactured using stainless steel and has a built-in damper to help prevent outside air from entering your bathroom.

What we dislike: This unit is located on the high-end of the price scale, and it may not be quite as quiet as you are hoping.

Best bang for your buck: Broan s Ceiling and Wall-Mount Fan

Our take: A compact and versatile ventilation fan that is priced to fit any budget.

What we like: This white CFM polymeric fan is designed for the budget-conscious consumer who has a small bathroom that needs ventilation. It offers easy installation and has an optional metal grille that can be purchased separately if desired.

What we dislike: The operating volume of this fan is exceptionally loud.

Choice: Delta Electronics BreezGreenBuilder

Our take: A bare-bones ventilation fan that is designed for a small- to the moderate-sized bathroom and is available at an affordable price.

What we like: This CFM unit features an LED light that alerts you when the fan needs cleaning. Additionally, it is Energy Star–qualified and operates at a quiet level.

What we dislike: This unit can be difficult to install.

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