The famous Buddha statue Guan Yin in the beautiful Sellicks Beach

Australia is a beautiful and amazing to place visit and has a diverse landscape, environment, culture, history, and wildlife. Every year thousands of people go to Australia to spend their vacations. Australia is quite a big country, and most of the inland country is uninhabited, but the coastal cities on both eastern and western sides are populated and developed. The famous cities of Australia include Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Canberra which is the capital of the country.

Australia is known for its spectacular beaches and scenic landscapes. The coastline of Australia stretches to a staggering 50,000 km and over 10,000 beaches. The famous beaches of Australia include Bondi Beach, Mandalay Beach, Wineglass Bay, 75 Mile Beach, Noosa Main Beach, Cable Beach, Sellicks Beach, and Whitehaven Beach.

Sellicks Beach is one of the many splendid beaches of Australia, which is located in the southern Adelaide area in a suburb, which is 47 km from the main Adelaide city. The suburb is bounded in the north by Button Road, in the south by Hundred of Willunga, in the east by Main South Road, and in the west by Aldinga Bay. The cadastral unit of Hundred of Willunga was called ‘Sellicks Beach Estate’ and was developed by George Herrick and Robert Herrick, who were two farmers in Aldinga. The Sellicks Beach was made official on October 28, 1993.

Sellicks Beach has got beautiful scenery with natural dunes and other ecological elements such as cliffs and reefs. The famous landmark of the area is the Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple with a big statue of Buddha. Many people who tour Australia wished to visit Buddha Sellicks Beach.

When you are traveling on the outskirts of Adelaide, while coming down the Sellicks Hill, you will easily notice the statue of Buddha, which is called Guan Yin. The statue is one of a kind, and it stands in the Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple, which is home to different Buddhist symbols such as lotus flowers, wheels, parasols, and incense burners. The Buddha statue is 18 meters tall and can be seen from a distance. On the right you can view the Sellicks Beach stretching to the Aldinga Bay. Guan Yin represents a white robed woman who brings food and wealth to her children; the statue also symbolizes compassion to animals and vegetarianism. The statue arrived from China and was packed in 23 shipping containers, and the total cost was estimated to be one million dollars. The statue is supposed to be a part of the retreat on Cactus Canyon Road; the retreat will also include a 35-meter pagoda, Chinese gardens, and a temple.

Guan Yin is quite a popular symbol in China, Korea, and Japan. The statue is not constructed and erected in Australia in Buddha Sellicks Beach. For accommodation, you would have to book a room in Victory Hotel, which is located at Old Sellicks Hill Road and just a 5-minute drive from the Buddha statue. In the temple where the statue is erected, there are chants every Sunday from 11 A.M to afternoon for one hour, and it is followed by a vegetarian lunch.