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TheOneSpy is highly reputable cell phone and computer monitoring software. It empowers the user to monitor activities of the users on mobile phones of Android, IOS and gadgets. A user can also spy on computers running with MAC and Windows OS. No matter what sort of activities happen on the target device end user can get access to it with the complete time stamp. It means you can spy on messages, calls and social media activities effectively. Phone & computer spy app has plenty of features that can track all the activities happen on the target device including social media apps such as Facebook.  But initially, you have to install TheOneSpy monitoring app for cell phones and computers on the target device with accordance of its nature. It could be a cellphone, gadget, and laptop or desktop computer. Let’s suppose you want to track Facebook on cellphone running with Android OS.

Install TheOneSpy Android monitoring app & monitor Facebook

First of all, you need to get the subscription online and you can do it if you visit the website of the cell phone surveillance software. Then after getting the subscription, you will have the credentials as passcode and ID.

Further, get physical access on the target device and get started with the installation process. The moment you have completed the installation successfully then very next moment you need to activate the phone spy app.

During the activation process is dame sure you will get the pop –up the message on the screen. It will guide you how you can hide the icon of the mobile phone tracking app on the target device. However, you can skip this process if suited the most.

Now it is the time to use the credentials and you will be able to get access to the online control panel. You can visit the features of best spy app for android that gives you a cunning edge to monitor Facebook on your target mobile phone by using the following features.

IM’s Social Media

The user can view the logs of instant messenger and get to know about the activities happen on the target android device.     End user can view logs of direct messages, shared media like photos, videos, images, and Gifs and further can view the shared links and URLs on the Facebook social media app wall.

Live Facebook screen recording

The user can perform live screen recording on target android installed Facebook messenger. You can make short back to back videos of the screen in real –time. The recorded video sent to the dashboard where you can get access and can view each and every single activity target user has done with a time stamp.


The user can get access to all the keystrokes applied on the target device installed messenger. You can get messenger keystrokes, password keystrokes and last but not the least messages keystrokes and many others alike.


You can remotely capture the screenshots of the android screen and get to know the activities. The user can set a number of screenshots at once of short intervals and can get detailed information.

Monitor Facebook on MAC

The user can also spy on Facebook instant messenger on laptop and desktop computers. You can use a screen recording of the MAC spy app. The user can record the number of videos of the screen and can videos having access to the online control panel and get to know the activities. Moreover, the user can block the apps and websites if these are not appropriate for children. Further, you can use MAC monitoring app and can capture screenshots remotely on the target device screen and get to know what children are doing on the social media app.

Spy on Facebook: Window computer

You can block all the inappropriate websites and apps on the target window desktop and laptop computer using Windows spy software. Moreover, a user can use user-friendly reports and get to know about visited websites and apps and activity logs on Facebook messenger with the complete time stamp.


TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring app is the best tool that enables you to get Facebook spy app tools in order to monitor Facebook activities.

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