What can I do free in Dubai? Are you not confused? Dubai’s name shows a panorama of glamorous and conventional landscapes wrapped in a blanket of deserts and tropical human-made islands. The cosmopolitan Mideast Sheikdom is hard to relate to’ free things’ with a reputation for over-the-top luxury. Is it not? But believe that or not, Dubai offers a lot to do without spending a Dirham throughout the region.

If you’re still under a surprise and wonder about stuff that can be done without spending a penny, here’s a quick list of free things to do in Dubai that certainly helps you to enjoy luxury.

We wish desert safari deals could also be added in the list but unfortunately, they are not.

Dubai Culture and heritage free experience

Potters ‘ shows, weavers and practitioners of other traditional arts, and pearl diving demonstrations are one of the best things Dubai can do free for Dubai’s culture and heritage.

Free Entry at Camel Museum

Another free site for visiting Dubai is also the Camel Museum in the Al Shindagha District. The history of camels in the UAE, the relationship between the camels and Arabians, camel race and camel anatomy are all devoted to different museum areas. There is also a presentation auditorium.

Free Yoga Classes

For fitness freaks in Dubai, there are many choices for cheap things. But the best of all is the Friends of Yoga Free Yoga class. Such 1-hour training courses will continue to maintain the fitness routine throughout the city at five places.

Free Movie Under the Stars

You don’t want to watch a film on a trip to Dubai on a Sunday night, wouldn’t you? Nevertheless, since it’s free and you can look at it under the stars ‘ blankets, any tourist in Dubai will experience it as one of the freest activities.

Free View of Dubai Aquarium

Why invest 70 Dirhams in the aquarium when you can watch the main tank free of charge outside the Dubai Mall entrance! The home of the world’s largest acrylic panel is on our list of places to visit in Dubai for free in this massive aquarium.

Free View of The Dubai Fountains Display

A popular free display of fountain outside Dubai Mall, dancing in sync with the musical soundtrack, is one of Dubai’s most popular things to be done free of charge.

Free Entry to The Jumeirah Beach Corniche

The Corniche Jumeirah beach is a recent entry on the Dubai list of free sights. It offers 800 meters of beachside, jogging path, showers, playgrounds for children and shady picnic areas. From the Dubai Marine Beach Resort to the Burj Al Arab Hotel the 14 km corniche runs through the village.

Free of the cost going through the Old-Style Gold and Spice Souks

One of Dubai’s most famous places to visit is the vibrant old souk in Deira. The old market was known for its sparkling goods, all sorts of herbs, exotic open fires, and pashmina shawls. No, these things you can’t buy at no charge. This does not mean, however, that you also have to walk the town.

Free Car Gazing

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is the location if you don’t want to spend money on visiting car museums and want to see the best hot tours in the region. The restaurant’s lined waterfront walk leads to Dubai for free by car with locals showing their overpriced vehicles.

Pray at Grand Mosque for Free

The Grand Mosque in Dubai is an epitome of the cultural and religious heritage of Dubai, demonstrating true Islamic architecture. Visitors will encounter Islamic cultures and traditions with the Quran inscription on the entrance façade, the highest minaret of the region, small and large domes, and genuine Islamic interior. In this beautiful place of worship, the essence of harmony and spiritualism fills the room.

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