Three kinds of Photography Styles you can use for your Wedding

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Among other wedding arrangements, photography is an aspect that is an absolute essential and needs a lot of attention throughout the day. Of course, if memories are to last forever, what better way is there other than photography to capture all the special moments on your most special day? Since you will be making an album full of memories in just one day, with the only one opportunity, you would want it to be in the hands of a very able photographer, who does not only work the camera, but also finds all the beautiful candid moments on his own to give you something you can cherish forever. Wedding photography, like Calgary Wedding Photography, is an art, which pays off even more successfully when it has your essence and your inputs.

You might not be aware, but there are a number of photography styles that can be used for weddings, apart from the most traditional ones. The altar shot, the aisle walk, the first kiss, the first dance- all that has been done and dusted. Nowadays you can try opting for different photography styles that not only give a touch of flair and style, but also give the whole album your individual touch. There are a number of wedding photographers out there, each specializing in their own ambit. Before you check them out and put down your deposit, it might be beneficial to know a little in prior, so that you have a clear idea of what you are exactly looking for.

   1. Fine-Art:

Fine art wedding photography is a style that is being used a lot nowadays, and rightly so because it involves a lot of creativity in lighting, framing, composing and post-production methods. If you are all in for an artistic style of photography at your wedding, and want a lot of unique images, then this is the style that your wedding photographer should focus on. Then again, fine art wedding photography needs a lot of commitment, and you will be better off with someone who already has a degree or some training in fine arts to execute this kind of a style on your wedding day. Fine art techniques do not involve a lot of posing, and is mostly candid, represented amidst an artistic placement of items, like wedding rings, outfits, etc.

   2. Illustrative:

A mix of traditional and photojournalistic, illustrative photography styles are also a lot about creativity. Although a lot of couples use it for their pre-wedding photo sessions, it is equally used during the wedding as well. This style lays a lot of emphasis on the background and lighting, often placing the subject couple against picturesque backdrops to make the picture extremely appealing and striking. Illustrative photography also usually needs a little bit of training in landscape photography and aerial photography, along with a steady hand for using wide-angle lenses as and when required.

   3. Photojournalistic:

Last but not the least, one of the most popular styles that many wedding photographers use is photojournalism. From beginners to experts, this style suits all kinds of photographers. It is in fact, often used side by side with traditional wedding photography. Photojournalism essentially consists of a documentary kind of coverage, where the shooter films throughout the day in a much more informal style, to bring out the real and natural emotions and backstage preparation along with the traditional shots. Since the photographer needs to capture all the aspects that unfold during the day, he needs to be swift in managing the camera settings, aim correctly and frame the picture perfectly to bring out the true essence of the moment.

But this is definitely not all! Before you book your deposit with your photographer, make sure to look at and try new styles before you decide in finality.

Author Bio: Kim Jones, a regular blogger on Calgary Wedding Photography, writes on a few different photography styles that one may use for their wedding to make it more personal, beautiful and last as long as the memory of the wedding lives on.

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