Tips to Choose a Liquid Filling Machine

The role of a filling machine or equipment can never be denied in industries involving oil, petroleum, food and chemical. These filling machines, which include cosmetics filling machines, come in a wide variety of designs, features, models and customization options. When it comes to purchasing a liquid filling machine or the dispenser for essential oils or pharmaceutical products, you should remember that it will be in direct contact with the liquid product.

So, it needs to handle the product with care. There are several aspects to consider while buying a filling machine for liquid products.

Consider the Product

The viscosity of your product is the first and foremost factor to consider. Whatever be your product type, fluid and water-like or semi-viscous, thick or sticky, you can find the right option for it. By considering the type of your product, you can decide which filler is suitable for you. A piston filler works well for the products with thickness whereas a gravity filler is the perfect one for the thin, fluid products. On the other hand, if your product has particulates, or it is a pharmaceutical product that requires a sterile environment, you need to buy a filling machine specifically designed for that.

Think about Automation Level

Another matter of consideration is the number of bottles you need to fill in a day. The level of production you need to maintain will define how much speed and capacity per minute is required for your filling machine. Besides, you need to ensure that your chosen machine is customizable with the growing demand for production. You can handle growing operation by equipping your machine with more filling heads. The production demand also helps you decide the type of machine you need amongst semi-automatic and automatic.

Consider the Container

The containers that you need to fill also plays an important role in determining the type of filling machine. Bottles or containers of different shapes, sizes and materials are used for various products. No matter it is a flexible pouch, plastic bottle or tetra pack, you can find a filling option that fits the container. The options for capping include fill cap, crimp cap, press-on and twist-on cap etc. In addition, you can find the labelling solution.

Look for Integration

When you purchase a new filling machine, you must ensure that it integrates with your existing equipment. It is vital, in order to maintain the overall efficiency of your packaging line. Most of the automatic filling machines are designed to integrate seamlessly with other equipment in your workplace.

Moreover, you should consider the accuracy to be maintained with your filling machine. By following these tips, you can purchase a filler or dispenser for your company that allows you to improve efficiency in production.