Teeth Braces Services

Tooth Scaling, Planing and Teeth Braces Services in Jamaica

Teeth of every person is not perfect, except lucky one, they have dissimilar teeth structure, upper jaw and lower jaw is not perfectly adjusting on each other. And few of them having extra exposed teeth making them look weird and live embarrassedly.

Such, irregular teeth structure can be aligned or corrected through cosmetic dental services like scaling and root planing of teeth. Dental braces helps to correct the position of misaligned teeth and make them look among the public.

Root scaling and planning is basically used to remove calculus and debris residing below the gingiva, on the root surface of the tooth. And indicated for periodontal involved teeth with deep pockets, root planing and scaling that helps to remove the bacteria, reducing the inflammation and prevent from bone loss.

Teeth Braces Services

Tooth scaling services measures the teeth distance between each other if there is toot much gap or merged with each other the right process is applied by the dentist in Jamaica to correct the structure and enhance the beauty of the teeth structure.

Radiant Star Dental is providing the cosmetic dentistry services in Jamaica to scale, planing and bracing of teeth for all age group of people. It is also providing general dentistry to provide the treatment and care facility for all types of dental problems with online appointment booking facility to consult the Dr. Sumit Sehgal as per the needs.