Video Annotation

Video Annotation Services for Computer Vision

Video annotation to label the moving objects in the video recording to make it recognizable to computer vision based machine learning algorithms. Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles needs such highly labeled videos with right metadata helping such machines to detect the physical object through various sensors and move safely.

Cogito provides, the video annotation service for machine learning algorithm training to develop the autonomous cars with best level of accuracy. The video annotation at Cogito make the each object recognizable to computer vision and help the algorithm learn from such patterns and utilize such feed data in real-life use.

From bounding box to video segmentation annotation, Cogito offers a high-grade labeled data to make the models work properly with right accuracy. The video annotation by Cogito available for human pose detection and other activities. Working with full-range of work force to annotate the varied formats of videos with proper added meta data as per the customize needs and availability of the customers.