Help Desk Technician

What Does an IT Technician Do? Help Desk Technician Outlook

Help Desk Technician

Help desk technicians provide technical assistance to IT end users. Help desk technicians are critical to the IT workforce because they maintain the technologies that updated company’s trust and run smoothly.

IT help desk technicians provide end-users who need support with their hardware or software, technical support, and troubleshooting services. There are two main types of help desk technicians: internal and remote technicians. The technicians at remote help desk support customers over the phone, online and occasionally on-site. Internal technicians only support internal employees.

Help desk technicians need a deep understanding of computer hardware and software. Strong communication skills are also essential, as help desk specialists need to communicate solutions to technical and non-technical employees effectively. The professional trajectory of the IT help desk is ideal for methodological problem solvers who can quickly learn and adapt to new skills. Patience, ingenuity and the desire to help others are desirable virtues in technical support and the help desk.

Many IT professionals begin their careers as help desk technicians due to their less experience and low training needs. When they exposed to new IT disciplines and technologies, they discover their niche and branch into other IT professions, such as network administrators, database administrators or IT security specialists. Other technicians stay at the help desk and use their experience to become a manager of the help desk technicians.

Really thinking of what does an it technician do / typical day-to-day tasks that IT help desk technicians performs – Check the below listed responsibilities:

  •         Diagnose computer errors and provide technical support.
  •         Solve software, hardware, and network problems.
  •         Instruct the end-users to configure and use new technologies.
  •         Backup and restore an organization’s files and data systems.
  •         Install, configure and update PC software and operating systems.
  •         Clean, repair computer hardware such as keyboards and printers.
  •         Remote technicians at the IT help desk provide technical support by phone or online.
  •         Remote help desk technicians often use special help desk support software to control the end-users’ computers to solve problems, diagnose and solve complex problems.

Training requirements of the help desk technician

For beginners, a university degree is usually not required. However, this can help you have a job interview and work faster and with a higher salary rating than candidates without a degree. Courses in computer information systems (CIS), help desk administration, technical support, and network administration provide a solid foundation for the technical support career for those seeking formal education. Table. If you are seeking higher education, but not the time and cost of a two- or four-year course, you should consider a certificate specializing in PC repair or IT support/help desk.

Marketable features that can be considered for a help desk technician include PC repair, network administration, operating system deployment and configuration, information security, desktop and mobile troubleshooting, and soft skills such as customer service and verbal and written communications.

For help desk technicians, IT certifications provide a viable alternative or complement to an accredited degree program. CompTIA A + and Network + certifications are an ideal starting point, as they introduce essential IT domains and provide valuable information about the IT infrastructure. The A + curriculum even includes a solid customer service component, a key element in today’s IT-oriented business labor market. The next step in the certification process of your help desk can be to master a standard operating system, such as: Microsoft credentials for MCSA: Windows and MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure.

Help Desk Technician – Job Outlook

The use of help desk technicians and computer support specialists is expected to increase by 10% from 2018 to 2028, which is above the 5% average for all occupations in the US. UU. UU. UU. The demand for service technicians will increase as companies continue to install and update the latest computer systems to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

To improve your career opportunities in this area, focus your knowledge of the help desk in the computer systems design industry, as the labor market for help desk experts is expected to grow at double the rate during the same period (24%). Period of the year Healthcare is another industry with a growing need for IT support specialists.