After successfully installing the printer, it works great with the Mac computer. But in case, if you are a Mac user and have trouble printing a file, the issue is somewhere between the two ends of the printing process, i.e. from the end of the printer and the end of the machine.

Users seeing the error message saying “the printer is not related” and searching for the solution would be helpful to all of you, then the details provided here. To fix the printer error, use the printer troubleshooting steps.

How to fix problems with the printer connection with your Mac computer

It is very annoying when an error message is displayed on the screen at the time of printing. Mac issue is not connected to the users who encounter the printer; it is recommended that all follow the steps below to get rid of the printer problem.  


There are several ways to solve the printer problem; so we have penned the simple and straightforward steps to mitigate the printer error for all sufferers. Until proceeding with the printer troubleshooting steps, make sure the printer is linked to the device correctly.

So, from below, collect the required and correct information and get instant relief from the printer problem. Consumers who need expert advice are all advised to take the aid of printers from the printer service professionals.

Step 1 

Make sure the printer is ready. 

Users are advised to make sure the printer is not down and prepared for the print job. We’ve included the steps below to adjust the printer. Ways to fix the printer connection issues


First, click the power button.


Make sure the paper tray is loaded with paper after that.


Then make sure the correct cartridge for the printer is installed. There should be no malfunction on the control panel or blinking lights.

Step 2 

Reset the printer system 

By following the steps given below, and all users are suggested to reset the printer.


Go to the menu for Apple.

From now on, click on the system preferences link Click on the printer and scanner option in system preferences.

Now hold the key on the keyboard and click anywhere in the device list.

Finally, from the menu that appears to reset the printer, users must select the reset system option.

Step 3


Users are advised to restart the printer after this and wait until the printer is ready to print.

Troubleshoot the printer connection

 By applying the printer troubleshooting steps as described below to fix the printer, users need to troubleshoot the connection problem with the network, or USB-connected printer is not connected to Mac. Spooler keeps stopping error


  • Troubleshoot the connection to the Wi-Fi printer.
  • Solve the connection to the USB printer.
  • Fix the issue of connecting wired network printer.


So these were all the steps of printer troubleshooting to solve the problem with the printer. If the issue remains the same after trying the printer, then feel free to get help from the printer service’s experts. The printer support experts are always there to provide the printer issue with a one-stop solution. Remember, if you all consider the measures to be sufficient, share this post with others so they can get rid of the printer mistake.