Why Testing is Important for Your Bot?

Why Testing is Important for Your Bot?

Since the inception of the chatbot, messaging applications have exploded in the market and brought a new way for business to communicate. Live chat and chatbots are the most preferred communication channel among e-commerce shoppers. According to a survey, 43.18% of US online shoppers prefer to communicate with a chatbot or live chat when buying online. Deploying chatbot for your company is not the only thing maintaining the quality of your chatbot via Ai chatbot testing is the most important thing. This will give your company a major advantage as a marketer over competitors. 

To maintain the quality of your chatbot following are the prominent features to be tested: 

  1. Conversational flow

Conversational flow depicts the personality of your chatbot. It defines the one on one flow of the conversation with the users. For instance, you are chatting with a bot, and you’ve booked your appointment for a dental check-up when you are halfway through, you want to change the appointment timings. When you go back and request the chatbot to change the time but the chatbot is unable to process that kind of request, the conversational flow does not make any sense. Therefore, testing of the conversational flow is the most critical factor. 

  1. NLP 

NLP defines the interaction between human and a computer while providing support, enhance customer experiences and analyze feedback. Through NLP, chatbots should understand words which are irrelevant to its functionality. A few functions which NLP engine covers viz. spell check, auto complete, voice text messaging, spam filters, and keyword search engines. Testing should not be limited to text but also executed on buttons, cards, forms, and carousels as the NLP outperforms human in the amount of data it is able to process. 

  1. Bot Speed & accuracy

The major concern about the bot is how accurate and quick they can reply to the user. While developing the bot, maintaining high speed and accuracy would lead to great user experience. If the chatbot takes too much time to revert, then the user is not likely to use it. 

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