Feng Shui Mistakes

Worst Feng-Shui Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Feng-Shui can do wonders for your life if applied correctly but one slightest mistake in placement or applying the wrong method can do the opposite of what you want. Don’t worry because mistakes can easily be rectified.

“Let good Feng-Shui lighten and brighten up your life.”

Top 3 Feng-Shui Mistakes you might be committing:

1. Mirror facing the front door: It is believed that the mirror bounces off the negative

energy and placing it directly facing the front door will do the opposite as it’ll deflect the positive energy and the good Feng-Shui, and thus preventing it from coming in. The front door acts as the energy absorber while the mirror facing it acts as the deflector.

“Don’t let positive energy be deflected.”

The solution is to change its placement. You can even use Bagua Mirrors. Hang them outside the door or the window facing outwards and it should never be hung indoors. They deflect negative energy and protect your home. There are 3 types of Bagua Mirror with different functions.

A convex Bagua mirror deflects negative energy, concave one absorbs and neutralizes the negative energy while the flat one deflects negativity while attracting the positive one in. These are easily available online. There is a wide variety of Feng Shui Products Online that might help you harmonize your life. Easily available with wider choices, ordering while relaxing at home.

2. Wrong Bed Placement: Bed placed in front of a window should be avoided. Instead, there should be the wall behind your bed to provide you support, protection and comfort. Moreover, bed facing the door is a type of placement which is called “Coffin Position” where the bedroom energy is believed to be drained through the door.

The solution is to move the bed else a piece of furniture should be placed between both as an obstacle. You can even hang a Crystal ball between bed and door to deflect negative energy and invite positive vibrations.

3. Wrong Water Element Placement: Water is considered wealth, opportunity and

prosperity magnet. Activating Water element in home attracts powerful energy. Placement of Water elements in the wrong direction can lead to the activation of negative energy.

“Don’t Flush down your opportunities.” Never place Water element in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or under staircases. It should be placed in North, East or South-East direction. The perfect spot for placing the water element is the main entrance. Moreover, DO NOT hang paintings or photographs of water in your bedroom. Before placement of any element, make sure you consult Feng Shui Consultant. Hire the experienced and skilled Consultants to plan your home and recreate it, harmonizing with the surroundings. They work according to customers’ main motive, evaluate the home using Feng-Shui tools and come up with solutions and suggestions.

“Harmonize your life a little more, Live a little more and Rejoice a little more.

Apply Feng-Shui in your Life.”

Hire Feng-Shui Consultants who can activate good Feng-Shui in your home by studying and evaluating your architectural layout and asking several questions. Their skills and experience can turn your life around helping you to achieve desired results and soothing your life.

Feng-Shui can change your life for good. So, Don’t Rush! Plan and Position!

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