Yoga and Teacher Training: Are You Embracing the New Era of Education!

In recent news about yoga education taking new destinations under its wrap, we realized the new age definition of education and teacher training course in India. So, what was the news all about? Well, it’s about the latest step in India and China re-establishing their bilateral relationships by announcing fifty new branches of Ysoga colleges across Chinese territory, particularly in the Yunnan region. This would be a big step in the way teaching of yoga is promoted in both countries, India and China. Coming at the brink of the moment when Yoga is already a popular trend in western countries, the China-India program could imbibe new horizons of including physical and spiritual wellbeing into pre primary and primary education systems.

If you are looking to make a career in teaching, here’s the right time to invest in your personal wellbeing and include Yoga skills through the most contemporary teacher training courses in India.

The benefits of learning Yoga during teaching course are listed as below.

Yoga Energizes Mental and Spiritual Strength

If you would often find teachers complaining about monotony and the boredom that comes with teaching for long hours and long seasons. Except for the usual Sundays and government-declared holidays, there are no resort to freshen up spirits and energize for the challenge day after day. Here’s where yoga teacher training course comes handy. Apart from the obvious teaching curriculum, you can energize your senses every day.

Increased Focus and Memory

We aren’t getting any younger with each passing day, or are we? Teaching is nothing different from the other professions where aging makes senses slow and reflexes edgy. Yoga teaching provides a different dimension to the routine classroom system where you can deal with memory and concentration together.

Anger Management

Being around kids can make any adult lose patience and poise. Yoga breathing techniques can help deal with the tougher aspects of teaching to a group of twenty or more students from pre primary and primary grades.

Anger management using yoga breathing and posture correctness have been found to make teaching professionals better in their careers and in life.

Improved Hearing and Analyzing Capabilities

What you hear is shat you analyze. What you see is what you perceive to be true!

Isn’t that the true essence of teaching and learning anything in life! To get the teaching training course meet the objectives, yoga is a very powerful reinforcement tool. Yoga for teaching improves analytical skills in dealing with harder subjects like Mathematics, and Science. A combination of Vedic and Sanskrit hymns also makes yoga teaching more eclectic. Kids in the primary and pre primary grades like to learn things when they are told and shown in various formats.

With many more benefits related to teaching system in India when you include Yoga in the teaching course, the trend is only going to catch popularity as time passes. For now, we are intrigued about Yoga teachers in China!

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